CEP Cep 3.0 Short Socks Black, Grey | Mens Compression

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CEP 3.0 Short Socks The Short Socks 3.0 keep your ankles and feet in top form and ready for any athletic challenge. medi compression stimulates your joints with a de…

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CEP 3.0 Short Socks
The Short Socks 3.0 keep your ankles and feet in top form and ready for any athletic challenge. medi compression stimulates your joints with a deep sensory effect to optimally stabilise your movements. The socks have a perfect anatomical fit with improved heat and moisture management so they feel great on your feet and protect you against blisters.
Precisely tuned compressive fibres surround your feet for a second-skin feel with zero bunching. These socks offer metatarsal compression in the mid-foot region to prevent swelling in the feet occurring from intense exercise. These all-rounders and can be worn for all sports from running, to golf, to football with the close fit and proven blend of materials offering a comfortable fit that prevents blisters. The four-inch cuff height sits just above the ankle and delivers amazing compression for improved circulation plus stability from the ankle down offering deep sensory stimulation of the joints for greater stability and fewer injuries. Anatomically padded cushioning adds underfoot comfort and protection, while the seamless toe-closure reduces the risk of blisters and hotspots, because we know how those can ruin your day. Built to last, these socks are made with high-tech synthetic fibres that regulate temperature and wick moisture away, keeping you damp-free and comfortable on hot, longer distance days.
About CEP
CEP is the sports brand of medi GmbH and Co. KG headquartered in Bayreuth, Germany. CEP offers a collection of shorts, tights, shirts, short socks, knee socks and sleeves for running, biking, triathlon, football, basketball, handball, ice hockey, riding, golf and a wide variety of other sports. CEP products enhance performance and recovery through the targeted use of compression to improve blood circulation and speed up lactate metabolism. CEP offers the right product for every athlete to achieve a perfect balance between health and performance. The superior quality of their products is guaranteed by their unmatched expertise and German production facilities.
Metatarsal compression – Swathes the midfoot for ultimate support, preventing swelling and minimising slippage.
Close Fit- Comfortable fit that prevents blisters.
Four-Inch Cuff Height – Sits just above the ankle.
Deep Sensory Stimulation- Provides greater stability to the joints and reduces risk of injury.
Anatomical padding – Adds underfoot comfort and protection.
Seamless toe-closure – Reduces the risk of hotspots and blisters.
High-tech synthetic fibres – Deliver breathability, moisture-management and durability.
Compression – 20 mmHg compression.
Material – 88% Polyamide, 12% Spandex.
Additional Information
Product Type:Compression
Product Type:Socks
Type:Mid Height Socks
Brand: CEP products


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