CEP Cep Ultralight No Show Compression Socks Lava/Dark Red | Mens Compression

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CEP Ultralight No Show Compression Socks Designed for endurance and track and field athletes, the CEP Ultralight No Show Comp…

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CEP Ultralight No Show Compression Socks
Designed for endurance and track and field athletes, the CEP Ultralight No Show Compression Socks will give you a high performing lightweight and breathable fabric that is comfortably compatible in close-fitting sports shoes.
Keeping you feeling cool and comfortable in any situation, the Ultralight no show Socks will work hard to allow a constant flow of air in and out. The fabric will allow air to flow in and out extremely efficiently and effectively, which will then be replaced by cooler air from the outside. As well as this, the material will wick moisture away before quickly drying, maintaining the comfortable feel within the socks. The ultra-thin material is extremely lightweight, which will contribute to the overall light feel of your feet in races, allowing you to push on further and faster than ever before. Designed using a seamless toe closure, the no show socks reduce the risks of chafing and irritation so you can go further for longer in complete comfort. Completing the socks is a compressive fit which encourage an increased blood flow to the working muscles, which will improve stamina and performance. By enhancing circulation and oxygen to active muscles the more power and control you have when exercising. The compression also works to reduce fatigue and the risk of injury by providing targeted support to your feet.
Size Guide
Medium / UK: 5.5-8 / EU: 39-42 / US: 6.5-9
Large / UK: 8-10.5 / EU: 42-45 / US: 9-11.5
X Large / UK: 10.5-12.5+ / EU: 45-48+ / US: 11.5-13.5+
About CEP
CEP is the sports brand of medi GmbH and Co. KG headquartered in Bayreuth, Germany. CEP offers a collection of shorts, tights, shirts, short socks, knee socks and sleeves for running, biking, triathlon, football, basketball, handball, ice hockey, riding, golf and a wide variety of other sports. CEP products enhance performance and recovery through the targeted use of compression to improve blood circulation and speed up lactate metabolism. CEP offers the right product for every athlete to achieve a perfect balance between health and performance. The superior quality of their products is guaranteed by their unmatched expertise and German production facilities.
Breathable – Air can flow in and out for ventilation.
Moisture Wicking – Moisture from sweat is wicked away efficiently and effectively.
Lightweight Construction – Keeps overall weight of the socks down to a minimum.
Reduced Seams – Reduces the risks of chafing and irritaion.
Light Compression – Increases blood flow to working muscles for improved stamina and performance.
Composition – 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastane.
Additional Information
Product Type:Compression
Product Type:Socks
Type:Micro Sock
Brand: CEP products


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