Compressport Ultra Trail Socks Blue Melange | Mens Trail / Fell

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Compressport Ultra Trail Socks High-performance running socks developed for ultra-trail, offering additional su…

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Compressport Ultra Trail Socks
High-performance running socks developed for ultra-trail, offering additional support and padding for optimal protection during long races.
For maximum comfort and extreme stability the Compressport Ultra Trail Socks have been specifically designed for the demands of ultra-distance races. Constructed to provide incredible stability, the Ultra-Trail Socks have a reinforced Achilles strap preventing injury and absorbing shock from contact with the ground. 3D Dots absorb added shock and vibrations from walking on varied terrain, whilst built-in 360-degree arch support combined with 3D dotting on the mid and forefoot section provides the sock with grip. This grip helps to prevent the material from twisting reducing the risk of blisters and offers increased stability. The reinforced toe box is padded which protects the toes from friction caused by running; reducing blisters that may be caused on rough varied terrain. Integrated compression technology provides muscle support by promoting blood flow which enhances oxygen supply to the muscles, thus, aiding in a quicker recovery time; helping you stay on your feet for longer. The target compression also helps to prevent injury by reducing shock and vibration in the ankle and lower calf giving you a supported feel.
About Compressport
Since the launch of their first R2 calf sleeves in 2008, they work everyday for this consuming passion that Compressport has become. Passion in training, passion for extreme races, passion to push the limits. Passion goes along with deep respect for YOU, professional athletes that lead the way in performance and age group athletes who are out there everyday juggling between their family and work commitments and their passion for sport. Passion for the quest of the perfect product…Always looking for more improvement, more preciseness, more exclusivity.
Coming from a medical research background and specialist in sports compression, Compressport's range of products is like no other. Combining the highest technologies with the latest trends is their aim to always innovate and surprise their athletes.
Supportive Padding – Comfortable fit.
Reinforced Achilles Strap -Prevents injury and provides stability.
3D Dots -Provide grip and helps to avoid blisters.
Reinforced Toe Box – Protects the toes.
Compression Technology – Supports the muscles and reduces recovery time.
360 Degree Arch Support – Helps to increase stability.
Additional Information
Product Type:Socks
Type:Mid Height Socks
Brand: Compressport products


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