Gore R7 Shorts Green, Navy Blue | Mens Shorts

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GORE R7 Shorts Run without the distractions with the GORE R7 Shorts. The highly breathable and lightweight material will…

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GORE R7 Shorts
Run without the distractions with the GORE R7 Shorts. The highly breathable and lightweight material will keep you on the move with nothing to hold you back.
Designed specifically for running, the R7 Shorts are incredibly lightweight, ensuring that you won't have any restrictions or excessive weights to slow you down. The inside of the shorts has completely flatlock seams, which will reduce the risk of irritation by rubbing and chafing being caused. The material is made from a highly functional mix, and this will guarantee exceptional comfort. The material is highly breathable, with a constant airflow in and out of the shorts providing exceptional breathability. As you begin to sweat, the moisture from the material is wicked away extremely efficiently and effectively. Once wicked away, the shorts will quickly dry off, which will return them to their original weight and feel. Partial mesh inserts will allow for better ventilation which will keep your temperature under control. A split in the sides of the shorts will allow a much wider range of movement giving you complete freedom. An elastic width-adjustable waistband with a cord will mean that you will always be able to find a secure and comfortable fit no matter what. There are two side pockets, which are ideal for storing energy gels or other nutrition to keep you going. As well as this, there is a back zip pocket where you can carry small essential items around with you. Reflective details on the shorts will improve your safety and visibility during night time and low-light running. The shorts are extremely packable, which can easily be put away into a gym bag after activity.
Understanding the new product names:
R – Running.
C – Cycling.
C7/R7 – The closest fitting products designed specifically for performance cycling/running.
C5/R5 – Products designed for cycling/running but with a more relaxed design.
C3/R3 – Products designed for multi-purpose use. Great for cycling, running and general outdoor use. Straight-cut products that are versatile and suitable for a range of activities.
About Gore
When creating functional apparel systems for dedicated runners and cyclists, Gore ask themselves one question: does this product make life easier for the athlete? If there is no clear answer they go back to the drawing board. With this experience, Gore design unique, sport specific solutions and are always ahead of the curve. But it's also their belief that to truly develop great products it's not enough to rely solely on science, they must also understand the people who use them. Gore think that extensive testing, both on the field and in their own prototype lab is the only way to create apparel that lives up to the GORE BIKE WEAR and GORE RUNNING WEAR brand. Gore enable runners and cyclists to push themselves to the next level and to reach new heights and celebrate successes. To Gore, there is nothing better.
Lightweight – Extremely lightweight and will not hold you back.
Flatlock Seams – Reduced risk of irritation by rubbing and chafing.
Breathable – Air can flow in and out for exceptional breathability.
Moisture Wicking – Sweat is wicked away efficiently and effectively.
Quick-Dry – The material quickly dries off to return it to its original weight and feel.
Mesh Inserts – Allows a constant flow of air in and out for breathability.
Elastic Waistband – Comfortable, adjustable and non-restrictive fit around the waist.
Side Pockets – Ideal for carrying energy gels and other nutrition.
Back Zip Pockets – Store small essential items securely.
Reflective Details – Improves visibility during night time running.
Packable – Shorts can be packed away easily.
Inseam Length – 25cm
Weight – 78g
Main Material Composition – 86% Polyester, 14% Elastane
Additional Information
Product Type:Shorts
Brand: Gore products


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