Inov8 Oroc Ultra 290 Trail Running Shoes Black, Red | Mens Trail / Fell

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Inov8 Oroc Ultra 290 Trail Running Shoes The world's first long-distance orienteering shoe featuring revolutionary Twin-Spike technology for the ultimate grip when racing over extreme terrain. …

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Inov8 Oroc Ultra 290 Trail Running Shoes
The world's first long-distance orienteering shoe featuring revolutionary Twin-Spike technology for the ultimate grip when racing over extreme terrain. Two spikes protrude from each sticky rubber stud on the outsole, digging into frozen ground, holding firm on rock and giving outstanding traction through mud. The OROC ULTRA 290 allows you to run fast over long distances while navigating at the same time.
Inov8 Shoe Fit Scale
For technical footwear, a good fit is essential to enhance your performance. Inov8's new Shoe Fit Scale makes it easier to find the perfect fitting shoe. All Inov8 shoes are designed with Met-Cradle technology to lock down the mid-foot for a stable hold, where they differ is in the toe box. The shoes are now graded from 1 to 5, Grade 1 representing their closest, most precise fit and Grade 5 representing the widest fitting toe box.
The lower the number on the scale, the narrower the fit, which ensures minimal internal movement of the foot when running fast on technical terrain. Shoes with the higher numbers on the scale will suit athletes with a wider foot and those wanting that extra comfort in the toe box. This wider toe box allows the toes to splay for increased stability when lifting heavy weights. It's also perfect for longer runs and races when toes begin to swell.
Inov8 have graded the Oroc Ultra 290 Trail Running Shoes as Grade 3.
Ballistic Nylon Upper
Developed to withstand the toughest trails, the Oroc Ultra 290 Trail Running Shoes have been constructed using a ballistic nylon upper. The super-durable upper works to protect the feet when crashing though fierce vegetation and rocky terrain. The strong nylon upper resists wear and tear and is snag-resistant ensuring ultimate durability. The high durable upper give you the confidence to explore. As well as this, a tough rand extends around the foot to provide a supportive and structured fit. The rand supports the foot through aggressive movement to ensure you always stay on track, plus, the upper has been constructed from a non-water absorbing material to keep the shoe light even when wet. As well as been durable, the upper is also highly breathable to keep you cool and comfortable at all times. The upper allows cool air to flow throughout the construction to keep you cool when temperatures begin to rise; the increase in ventilation creates a perfect microclimate for your skin to thrive in. Furthermore, the one-piece seamless construction sits comfortably against the skin to reduce the risks of chafing and irritation so you can go further for longer in complete comfort; the microfibre tongue also works to provide additional comfort and allows the shoes to be laced tightly to reduces the risks of dirt and stones from entering inside the shoe. An internal toe bumper works to protect the foot from the impacts of sharp rocks and stones whilst the on-the-shoe gaiter hooks allow you to attach an all-terrain gaiter for additional protection. Completing the upper is a lacing system which allows you to lock down the midfoot so you can enjoy distraction-free strides.
PowerFlow+ Midsole
The midsole of the Oroc Ultra 290 has been constructed using Inov8's signature powerflow+ which provides ample cushioning so you can keep going all day. The PowerFlow midsole supports your foot on uneven terrain by supplying plush underfoot cushioning which allows you to run effortlessly. PowerFlow+ provides 10% better shock absorption and 25% better energy return than standard midsoles. This ensures you and your feet and supported at all times. The midsole works to absorb shocks as you strike down on hard, unforgiving terrain and transfers these shocks into energy which give you an added spring in your step. The PowerFlow midsole ensures increased comfort over longer distances. Completing the midsole is a Protec-Plate shank which works to protect the soles of the feet from impact and shocks. The shank protects your feet as you strike down on rocks and uneven terrain and supports the foot through movements to ensure you always feel stable and protected.
Twin-Spike Technology Outsole
Designed to provide unrivalled grip and traction for any orienteering adventure, the Oroc Ultra 290 has been constructed using two of Inov8's best outsole technologies. The sole compound has been constructed using Inov8's sticky rubber that delivers traction over both wet and dry underfoot conditions. The sticky rubber provides firm control no matter what the trail throws in your path and works to protect itself from damager to increase your confidence on tough terrain. The outsole also features the world-first twin-spike technology which provides unrivalled grip on varied terrain. This revolutionary technology features two strong manganese spike that protrudes from each 5mm sticky grip rubber stud as the outsole hits the ground. These protrusions dig deep into frozen terrain and hold frim on rocks and mud to give outstanding traction at all times. The outsole of the Oroc Ultra 290 was developed to provide aggressive grip on any terrain so you'll always feel confident on the unbeaten path.
About Inov8
Founded in 2003, Inov8 is one of the world's leading all terrain footwear, apparel and equipment brands. Operating in over 60 countries, they pride themselves on designing high quality, innovative products in both the running and performance training sectors.
Inov8's origins and footprints remain firmly etched into the muddy British fells but over the years they have optimised their products to meet the needs of the many terrains people have travelled. Those who use Inov8 products seek fearlessness, adventure and to discover their edge. Now under the ownership of Descente – a Japanese sportswear maker with an 80-year history of craftsmanship and excellence – and with Inov8 founder Wayne Edy still at the heart of product innovation, the future is packed with exciting possibilities.
Ballistic Nylon Upper – Provides protection, resilience and abrasion resistance.
Tough Rand – Wraps around the upper to provide protection and comfort.
Non Water Absorbing – Keeps the shoe light even when wet.
Breathable Construction – Encourages cool air to circulate.
One-Piece Seamless – Sits comfortably against the skin, preventing friction and irritation.
Microfibre Tongue – Reduces the chances of dirt ingress.
Internal Toe Bumper – Protects the toes from rocks, stones and debris.
Gaiter Hooks – Allows a gaiter to be attached.
Lacing System – Offers a secure, locked-in feel.
PowerFlow+ Midsole – Delivers exceptional cushioning and comfort.
ProtectPlate – Located above the spikes for underfoot impact protection.
Sticky Rubber – Ensures durability and traction.
Twin-Spike Technology – Provides unrivaled grip on varied terrain.
Heel Height – 13mm.
Forefoot Height – 7mm.
Drop – 6mm.
Footbed Height – 3mm.
Lug Depth – 5mm.
Weight – 290g.
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Terrain:Severe Trail / Fell
Shoe Width:D
Brand: Inov8 products


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