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Keen Explore Waterproof Walking Shoes Providing you with versatile performance as well as firm protection for the unpredictable trails, the Keen Explore Waterproof Walking Shoes …

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Keen Explore Waterproof Walking Shoes
Providing you with versatile performance as well as firm protection for the unpredictable trails, the Keen Explore Waterproof Walking Shoes are extremely lightweight, keeping you going for longer.
Keen Dry Upper
Surrounding the upper of the Explore Waterproof Walking Shoes, there is a waterproof yet breathable Keen Dry layer. This will mean that as soon as you are exposed to moisture, the material will immediately work to prevent it from entering the shoe, keeping the feet comfortable and dry. In addition to this, the layer is highly breathable, and warm muggy air is able to escape out of the shoe to be replaced by cooler air. This constant cycle of ventilation will mean that you will always be able to enjoy a controlled temperature no matter how intense your activity is. The performance mesh upper will move and flex with your movements to provide you with high performance. TPU overlays will further stabilise the foot, providing protection and strength to the shoe. Surrounding the forefoot, the material is extremely thick and tough, reducing the risk of injuries occurring from bumps or knocks against the ground. The rearfoot is similarly surrounded by firm material, which will protect it from any heavy forces and shocks. The traditional lacing system and soft padded tongue will allow you to find the perfect non-restrictive and comfortable fit every time. A notch in the back of the shoe will provide soft comfort against the Achilles, which will reduce the risk of irritation being caused by rubbing and chafing. A removable PU footbed will improve arch support, providing long-lasting comfort and protection. As well as this, the footbed is treated with probiotic technology which will naturally break down odour in sweat without using heavy metals and hazardous chemicals, but instead using a greener alternative. Keen recommend that once muddied, the shoes should be cleaned with mild soap and cold water to maintain the functionality of the shoe.
Lightweight EVA Midsole
Reducing the overall weight of the shoe, the Explore has an extremely lightweight EVA midsole which will still provide high performance. Towards the top, the EVA is extremely spongey and cushioned, which will bring lasting comfort that will reduce the stress placed on joints like the knees and ankles. This will, as a result, reduce the risk of injuries and the effects of fatigue. Towards the bottom, the EVA is firmer, and this will instantly absorb shocks from the uneven surface below, protecting the sole of the feet from damage. The firm sides on the midsole will also provide protection to the foot and to the shoe in general, stopping superficial damage from occurring. Giving you an added spring in your step, the midsole can flex which will react by giving you an added spring, which will give you a little extra boost to help keep you going for longer.
All Terrain Rubber Outsole
Able to form a solid grip and connection with a wide range of surfaces, the rubber outsole on the Explore Walking Shoes will keep you in firm control no matter what the trail throws in your path. The rubber has a strong grip, and will form a solid connection with the ground below. For long-term functionality, the rubber will also look after itself by being abrasion-resistant, preventing wear from occurring and affecting the overall shape and definition of the shoe. Multi-directional 4mm lugs will further anchor the foot to the ground, especially on wet surfaces, providing a firm and strong launchpad for every step.
We all live many lives, splitting our time between work, play and giving it back. Keen call this the Hybridlife, and strive to create products that enable you to play anywhere without a ceiling, while caring for the world around you. As the brand grows, they continue to seek product solutions for your everyday needs to live your Hybridlife with ease, and incorporate processes that reduce impact on the environment. Founded in 2003, the brand has partnered with many non-profit organisations around the globe. From protecting land for its environmental value, to giving bikes to children in need, Keen actively works beside its partners to inspire change worldwide. Keen's mantra is that your feet follow a path to a life well lived so follow your feet, stop and play and enjoy the day.
Waterproof Membrane – Breathable Keen Dry waterproof membrane protects the shoe in wet conditions.
Ventilated – Air and moisture is able to escape out of the shoe for breathability.
TPU Overlays – Improves the structure and stability of the shoe.
Forefoot and Rearfoot Protection – Firm and thick material protects the toes and heel from damage.
Traditional Lacing System – Easy to fasten laces and a soft padded tongue will provide a secure and comfortable fit.
Achilles Notch – A notch in the achilles will provide soft comfort.
Removable PU Footbed – Improved arch support and long-lasting comfort.
Anti-Odour Treatment – Non-hazardous treatment will keep the shoes smelling fresh.
Lightweight EVA – Reduces the overall weight of the shoe.
Cushioned – Spongey EVA towards the top of the midsole will put less stress on joints.
Shock Absorbing – Shocks are absorbed instantly and effectively.
Firm Structure – Firm sides will protect the shoe from damage.
Responsive – The midsole will flex and give you rebound for an added spring in your step.
Strong Grip – Rubber is able to form a strong bond with a wide range of different surfaces.
Abrasion-Resistant – Reduced risk of wear to affect the functionality of the shoe.
Multi-Directional Lugs – Dig into the ground for further control.
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Terrain:Light Trail
Type:Walking Shoes
Shoe Width:D
Brand: Keen products


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