La Sportiva Boulder X Walking Shoes Black, Grey | Mens Hiking

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La Sportiva Boulder X Walking Shoes Allowing you to tackle a wide range of terrain, the versatile La Spo…

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La Sportiva Boulder X Walking Shoes
Allowing you to tackle a wide range of terrain, the versatile La Sportiva Boulder X Walking Shoes will provide a protected and smooth ride.
Synthetic Upper
The synthetic upper is made from reinforced material that will keep your feet in a strong and upright position. This will mean that you will always have firm protection from forces when out walking over uncertain tracks. As your feet begin to warm, the material will allow air to escape easily, and it is then replaced by cooler air from outside of the shoe. This constant cycle will keep you feeling fresh and ventilated over a long period of time. Sweat will also be able to escape out before it is wicked away by the material. Thick and strong material covers the toes, which will absorb any bumps and knocks and stopping them from reaching the forefoot. The rear is also supported by a firm counter, which will keep your heel in a strong and upright position. Asymmetric laces are extremely easy to tighten and loosen to find a firm and secure fit all the way up the foot. A flat-lying tongue will sit on the ankle comfortably, allowing a wide range of unrestricted movement.
Firm EVA Midsole
The midsole will make sure that you will constantly be in extreme comfort, and you will also have an extremely high level of protection. At the bottom of the midsole, the EVA is extremely firm and tough, which will instantly stop strong forces from reaching the sole of the foot. During climbing and crossing rocky terrain, this will allow you to take any path safely. Towards the top, the EVA is a lot softer, which will mean that the EVA in closer contact to the sole of the foot is more cushioned. As a result, you will feel soft and springy rebound on every step that you take. There is also a 2mm EVA insert found in the middle which will hold the foot firm in place by stabilising the midsole and it will also prevent shocks from impacts.
Vibram Outsole
The highly technical outsole is designed to give you the same level of control on all types of ground. Using a Vibram outsole, the outsole will offer you incredible grip and traction. The rubber is able to form a solid connection with a wide range of surfaces, giving you a strong foundation to push off from. The deep lugs will also dig into the ground, especially if it is wet. This will anchor you to the ground, giving you a firm launchpad as well as assisting with other movements. The toe is especially effective with a specialised grip area that will give you a firm foothold when crag climbing. As you are coming to a stop, the inbuilt Impact Brake System will help this by keeping you in control when slowing down.
Additional sizing information
UK: 7.5+ – EU: 41.5 – US: 8.5.
UK: 9.5+ – EU: 44.5 – US: 10.5.
UK: 11.5+ – EU: 46.5 – US: 12.5.
About La Sportiva
La Sportiva was born in 1928, when Narciso Delladio hand-crafted wooden leather boots for many lumber-jacks and farmers of the Fassa and Fiemme valleys of italy. After the war, the demand for boots increased, thus obliging Delladio to hire new workers. The good name of "Calzoleria Sportiva" crossed the borders of the valleys. Starting from here the La Sportiva's history continued to grow. Now the firm produces in Fiemme Valley boots and shoes for all kind of outdoor activities from climbing and mountain, categories in which La Sportiva has the market leadership, to mountain running, trekking and the ski mountaineer ging market. Recently the company entered in the ski mountaineering segment and in the apparel market with a complete selection of technical clothes for running, ski mountaineering and climbing. La Sportiva who produces mainly in his headquarter at Ziano di Fiemme, is distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide.
Reinforced Material – The shoe is extremely strong and durable.
Breathable – Air can enter and exit for supreme breathability.
Sweat Wicking – Sweat can escape out of the shoe before being wicked away.
Toe Protection – Thick material protects the toes from bumps and knocks.
Heel Counter – The heel is protected by a firm counter.
Asymmetric Laces – Easy to tighten and loosen to size.
Flat-Lying Tongue – Sits on the ankle comfortably allowing a wide range of movement.
Shock Absorbing – Shock absorbing EVA will prevent injuries to the foot.
Cushioned – Cushioned EVA towards the top of the shoe increases comfort.
EVA Insert – 2mm insert holds the foot in place.
Vibram Outsole – Supreme grip and traction guaranteed on any ground.
Deep Lugs – Anchors the shoe to the ground.
Toe Grip – Strong grip on the toe will assist with rock climbing.
Impact Brake System – Will help you stay in control.
Weight – 500g.
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Terrain:Light Trail
Type:Walking Shoes
Shoe Width:D
Brand: La Sportiva products


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