La Sportiva Kaptiva Trail Running Shoes Black, Yellow | Mens Trail / Fell

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La Sportiva Kaptiva Trail Running Shoes Designed to carry you through long periods of harsh running, the La Sportiva Kaptiva Trail Running Shoes will push you up the mountains in comfort and style. Stretch Knit Upper Surro…

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La Sportiva Kaptiva Trail Running Shoes
Designed to carry you through long periods of harsh running, the La Sportiva Kaptiva Trail Running Shoes will push you up the mountains in comfort and style.
Stretch Knit Upper
Surrounding the upper of the Kaptiva, the stretch knit upper will fit to the foot in a personalised and snug way to guarantee exceptional long-term comfort. Featuring the new Trust Fit shape will mean that you will enjoy wraparound comfort. This is specially designed for medium to longer events, as it will keep you feeling snug when running up long ascents. The slip-on construction in the knit fabric will reduce the volume of every single piece of the shoe to a minimum, optimizing the overall dimensions and the layers of material. Around the ankle, the material will fit like a sock, and will prevent dirt and grit from entering and causing discomfort. This will also make it easy to step in and out of the shoe. Air is easily able to pass through the surface of the material, which will mean that as you start to get hot, the air can pass out of the shoe to be replaced with cooler air for ventilation. Thicker material covers the toes for protection from any bumps or knocks on the trails, and a firm heel counter will protect the rearfoot, holding it in a strong and upright position. The laces are easy to adjust and will make it easy to achieve a secured fit. The shoe uses an Ortholite insole, which will provide long term cushioning as well as having a moisture management system.
Compressed EVA Midsole
The midsole on the Kaptiva is designed to provide the perfect balance of fluidity, stability and flexibility. The compressed EVA in the midsole and other technical additions help the shoe achieve this. Towards the bottom of the midsole, the EVA is extremely firm and will absorb shocks instantly. This will prevent them from reaching the sole of the foot, and it will also improve the stability of the shoe by spreading the energy evenly. The EVA towards the top of the midsole softer, which will provide underfoot cushioning. Inside the midsole, there are TPU stabilisers, which spread energy evenly to keep you in a level position. A dual-density EVA rock guard insert within the midsole will protect the foot from heavy contacts with sharp rocks. The midsole is also versatile and will react to surfaces differently. On the harder ground, the midsole focuses on improving the durability, whereas on softer ground, responsiveness is improved.
Frixion White Outsole
Grip and traction is provided by the Frixion White outsole. This will guarantee that you have supreme hold on uneven ground, as the outsole is able to create a strong link between shoe and ground. The rubber is also extremely durable, which will improve the longevity and functionality of the outsole. An aggressive lug design will dig into wet ground, which will anchor the feet in place securely, which will give you more confidence when the ground becomes more uncertain. Fitted with an Impact Brake System, the outsole will assist with technical descents, which will relax you as you head down the hills.
Additional sizing information
UK: 7.5+ – EU: 41.5 – US: 8.5.
UK: 9.5+ – EU: 44.5 – US: 10.5.
UK: 11.5+ – EU: 46.5 – US: 12.5.
About La Sportiva
La Sportiva was born in 1928, when Narciso Delladio hand-crafted wooden leather boots for many lumber-jacks and farmers of the Fassa and Fiemme valleys of italy. After the war, the demand for boots increased, thus obliging Delladio to hire new workers. The good name of "Calzoleria Sportiva" crossed the borders of the valleys. Starting from here the La Sportiva's history continued to grow. Now the firm produces in Fiemme Valley boots and shoes for all kind of outdoor activities from climbing and mountain, categories in which La Sportiva has the market leadership, to mountain running, trekking and the ski mountaineer ging market. Recently the company entered in the ski mountaineering segment and in the apparel market with a complete selection of technical clothes for running, ski mountaineering and climbing. La Sportiva who produces mainly in his headquarter at Ziano di Fiemme, is distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide.
Knitted Fit Upper – Snug fit on the upper will give you long term comfort.
Trust Fit – Trust Fit shape will guarantee wraparound comfort.
Slip-On Construction – Reduces the volume of the material.
Sock Fit – Tight fitting and will prevent dirt and grit from entering the shoe.
Breathable – Air can flow in and out with ease for ventilation.
Toe and Heel Protection – Thicker material covers the toe and heels for firm protection.
Secure Lacing – Easy to secure for a perfect fit with lacing system.
Ortholite Insole – Provides long-lasting cushioning as well as moisture management.
Shock Absorbing – Shocks are absorbed instantly and effectively.
Cushioned – Soft feel directly under the foot.
TPU Stabilisers – Improves the ride by making it more stable and fluid.
Dual-Density Rock Guard – Protects against heavy impacts.
Reactive Midsole – Midsole reacts to the ground beneath it.
Frixion White Outsole – Supreme grip and traction with a wide range of different surfaces.
Abrasion Resistant – Rubber will protect itself, making it last longer.
Aggressive Lugs – Digs into wet ground for traction.
Impact Brake System – Improves control on descents.
Heel to Toe Drop – 6mm
Weight – 280g
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Terrain:Light Trail
Shoe Width:D
Brand: La Sportiva products


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