Merrell Mtl Skyfire Trail Running Shoes Undyed | Mens Trail / Fell

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Merrell MTL Skyfire Undyed Trail Running Shoes Designed for speed on the trails, the Merrell MTL Skyfire Trail Running Shoes will give you control, protection, and response to push you further and faster. Breathable Mesh Uppe…

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Merrell MTL Skyfire Undyed Trail Running Shoes
Designed for speed on the trails, the Merrell MTL Skyfire Trail Running Shoes will give you control, protection, and response to push you further and faster.
Breathable Mesh Upper
Surrounding the upper of the shoe is a breathable mesh, which will allow a steady flow of air in and out of it for exceptional breathability. This will also allow moisture from sweat to escape out easily, keeping you in a dry and comfortable environment. The upper is made from a mixture of mesh and TPU, which will provide breathability and protection. This makes the material tear-resistant, resisting damage from strong forces placed against it. As well as this, the inner mesh lining is extremely breathable and ventilated. Surrounding vulnerable areas of the feet like the toes and the heel, the material thickens which will absorb shocks to prevent them from reaching you and causing damage. A moulded TPU heel counter will add stability, giving you confidence in your stride. Reflective details on the upper will improve your safety and visibility during nighttime running. A traditional lacing system will allow you to find a personalised and secure fit. The soft and padded tongue will reduce the risk of irritation being caused by rubbing and chafing. Completing the upper of the shoes is the undyed colour, giving these shoes a fresh and natural look.
EVA Midsole
Providing the perfect combination of stability and comfort, the EVA midsole will keep you protected when you are on varied and volatile trails. Upon every step, the EVA will cushion each step which will take less weight off joints like the knees and ankles. This will reduce fatigue and injuries from occurring, allowing you to push yourself further. The cushioning will also feel extremely soft and comfortable. The EVA in the midsole will transfer energy equally around the midsole, which will result in an extremely stable and sturdy ride. All heavy impacts are absorbed instantly, preventing them from reaching the sole of the feet and causing discomfort or even damage. A rock plate will provide further security and solid protection underfoot.
Quantum Grip Rubber Outsole
The aggressive mountain-grade Quantum Grip rubber lugs will guarantee complete mountainside security to allow you to push yourself in the confidence of control and grip. The rubber forms an incredibly strong bond with the hard of the soft surface below to provide a solid base. The rubber is extremely durable and abrasion-resistant, which will maintain the shape and performance of the shoes over a long period of time. An aggressive lug design will dig into the wet ground to anchor you in place for more stability and control. Made with ethically sourced products and processes, the shoes are completely vegan-friendly.
What Matters Most
"From our very first custom made hiking boots to our latest product innovations, we make all of our products with four core values in mind: Comfort, Durability, Design, and Versatility. It's all about removing the barriers to enjoying the great outdoors."
"We believe that doing what you love should feel good, both mentally and physically. Climbing Everest is taxing enough without blisters the size of pancakes on your feet. We make our products to fit as comfortably as possible."
"Merrell gear is made to look right, feel right and perform right. Our beauty is not only skin-deep. We go to great lengths to ensure that form, feel and functionality all come together seamlessly."
"Merrell stands for durable, high-performance products that last. Like Stonehenge last. Like mummified King Tut last. We build our gear to hold up in the harshest conditions, over, and over again."
"These boots were made for walking and running, and hiking and climbing mountains, or just sitting around, really. Merrell fits a wide variety of people, for a wide variety of adventures. We're about groundbreaking multi-sport technology."
Breathable – Air can flow in and out for ventilation.
Moisture Wicking – Moisture from sweat is wicked away efficiently and effectively.
Tear-Resistant – Durable upper will protect it from forces placed against it.
Inner Mesh – Extremely breathable inner mesh lining encourages air to flow in and out.
Firm Upper Protection – Firm material surrounding vulnerable areas of the feet will provide protection.
Moulded Heel Counter – Improves rearfoot stability.
Reflective Details – Reflective details on the upper improve visibility and safety.
Traditional Lacing – Easy to secure for a comfortable fit.
Padded Tongue – Reduced risk of irritation by rubbing and chafing.
Removable EVA Insole – Provides next to skin comfort.
Cushioned – Reduced impact and stress placed on joints.
Energy Transferred – Energy is transferred equally to improve stability.
Rock Plate – Prevents shocks from reaching the sole of the feet.
Quantum Grip – Exceptionally strong grip with uneven and volatile terrain.
Abrasion Resistant – Improves lifespan and performance of the outsole.
Aggressive Lugs – Dig into surfaces for more stability.
Vegan – Made with ethically sourced products and processes.
Heel Stack Height – 23.5mm
Toe Stack Height – 17.5mm
Heel to Toe Drop – 6mm
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Terrain:Light Trail
Shoe Width:D
Brand: Merrell products


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