Newton Fusion Running Shoes Black | Mens Road Running

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Newton Fusion Running Shoes The new Fusion brings Newton's advanced cushioning and energy return tech…

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Newton Fusion Running Shoes
The new Fusion brings Newton's advanced cushioning and energy return technology to movement in all directions
Breathable Mesh Upper
Designed to provide breathable comfort at all times, the Newton Fusion Running Shoes have been constructed using a breathable mesh upper. The mesh allows cool air to flow throughout the upper whilst, at the same time allowing hot, humid air to escape. The increase in airflow keeps you comfortable and cool when your training session heats up so you'll never feel and uncomfortable heat build-up. The ventilated upper creates a perfect microclimate for your feet to thrive in so you can go further for longer in complete comfort. As well as this, a seamless construction reduces the risks of chafing and irritation so you can enjoy distraction-free strides. The plush collar and tongue offers a luxurious fit and eliminates the risks of blisters. Completing the upper is a lacing system which locks down the midfoot to reduce in-shoe slippage.
Newtonium Cushioned Midsole
Developed using Newton's signature Newtoniom cushioning and Action/Reaction technology, the midsole of the Newton Fusion Running Shoes is guaranteed to keep your feet happy over long distances. A multilayered full-length platform of Newtonium cushioning exists underfoot to provide long-lasting comfort and impact protection. Newtonium cushioning protects the foot from ground impacts to prevent injuries and fatigue, whilst allowing you to exercise for longer. As well as this, Newtons unique action/reaction technology provides exceptional energy return to keep you going further and faster. Generated by the active movement of the lugs, Action/Reaction Technology creates a responsive, trampoline-like cushioning system that provides quicker bounce-back and loses less energy than a traditional foam-core running shoe. Lastly, the midsole has been tuned for impact diffusion and responsive and agile performance so you can benefit from smooth strides.
Durable Rubber Outsole
Grip and traction are guaranteed with the durable rubber outsole. The material is abrasion resistant, which will protect itself from damage when running on hard surfaces. The rubber is able to withstand damage from uneven terrain to give you added confidence when out running. This will give you the confidence of control, whilst also providing a firm base for you to push off from. In addition to this, the rubber can create a solid bond of friction with a variety of different surfaces, crucial for control as you race around the roads. This will reduce the risk of injury from slipping or rolling your ankle, as you will be held in a firm and upright position. The multi-directional grooves on the outsole are designed to provide you with more traction, especially on wet ground.
About Newton
The tale of Newton Running originates with Brian Russell, a full-time inventor from Colorado. Russell was naturally inquisitive in addition to being a keen thinker and innovator. As he was out jogging one day, he came to think about the function and movements of the feet. At that time, there were a lot of things that occupied his head. As he ran barefoot across a grassy ground, he examined the way his feet hit the cushioned ground and the way they react to a solid surface. After years of research, he made a product that used a trampoline-like midsole on the ball of the foot, which discouraged a hard landing on the heel. He showcased his product at running events across the USA for 15 years.
After an encounter with an orthotics provider Danny Abshire, they took the footwear to landlord Jerry Lee with the goal of getting an investment. After a little persuasion, Lee saw the potential in the specially designed shoes, and Newton Running was born.
Two decades on, the now international brand continues to innovate new supportive designs, and educates running on the importance of protecting your feet during exercise across the globe.
Breathable Mesh – Allows a constant airflow for ventilation.
Seamless – Reduces chafing and irritation.
Cushioned Heel – Provides plush comfort.
Lacing System – Locks down the midfoot.
Newtonium Cushioning – Attenuates shock impact and delivers plush cushioning.
Action/Reaction – Responds to your every step with high energy return.
Durable Rubber – Abrasion resistant rubber withstands abuse from uneven surfaces.
Multi-directional Grooves – Mirrors the foot's motion for a smooth gait cycle.
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Type:Cushioned / Neutral
Shoe Width:D
Brand: Newton products


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