Nike Free Metcon 4 Training Shoes Black/Yellow Strike- White- Racer Blue | Mens Gym

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Nike Free Metcon 4 Training Shoes The Nike Free Metcon 4 combines flexibility with stability to help you get the mos…

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Nike Free Metcon 4 Training Shoes
The Nike Free Metcon 4 combines flexibility with stability to help you get the most out of your training program. Updated "chain-link" mesh cools and flexes as you speed through agility drills, while support at the midfoot and heel braces you for your heaviest sets in the weight room. Speedy graphics and dynamic print celebrate the free-wheeling spirit of city cycling culture.
Breathable Mesh Upper
Surrounding the upper of the Free Metcon 4 is a breathable mesh that is wrapped around the foot. This mesh will allow a constant flow of air to enter and exit the shoes. As you begin to exercise, and your training intensifies, warm air will start to build up within the shoes. This will be able to escape easily, where it will then be replaced by cooler air from outside. This will work constantly to make sure that you will feel comfortable and ventilated. As well as this, sweat will be removed from the shoes, which will keep you feeling dry. Once removed out and away from the skin, the mesh will wick the moisture away before quickly drying off. A synthetic coating over the toes and the rearfoot will provide protection to vulnerable areas of the feet where heavy forces are likely to be placed upon them. This will give you the confidence to complete your training without any restrictions or concerns that you might damage your shoes or feet, as the durability is enhanced. A secure lacing system with strong eyelets will allow you to tighten the shoes to a comfortable fit. A padded tongue will improve comfort, and a loop above it will allow you to pull it up for a more secure fit. The upper gets incorporated with a Huarache-inspired strap and rubber-striped sidewall that envelops your heel to brace you for movement in any direction.
Supportive Foam Midsole
Specially designed for training, the foam midsole will serve you by protecting, cushioning and supporting distinctive movements. The foam is extremely soft in the middle, which will provide cushioning on every step that you take. This will take the pressure off the knees and ankles to reduce the risk of injuries occurring. As well as this, comfort will be enhanced by the softness, allowing you to carry on without any distractions. Towards the outsides of the midsole, the foam is a lot firmer. This is to make the shoe more stable, as this will reduce the amount of force placed on the sides of the feet. This is designed to keep you stable when lifting or any other training drills, making sure that you can complete them in the way you are supposed to. The firmness will also prevent any heavy forces from reaching vulnerable areas of the feet, providing the ultimate protection. As the sole wraps up the sides of the feet, this will offer you more support when moving from side to side.
Nike Free Outsole
The Free Metcon 4 uses a Nike Free outsole to provide the Metcon with an ultra-flexible outsole, opening up the opportunity to complete many more speed and agility drills to accompany the weight and lifting exercises. With V-shaped grooves all the way down the outsole, this will allow you to flex your foot without worrying about causing any damage to the shoes. This will mean that you can push off into jumps, and no matter what force you place on the shoe it will protect itself. The rubber tread on the outsole is designed to give you strong traction and control on a wide range of different gym surfaces. The wide heel will create a stable base to hold you firmly in place when lifting.
About Nike
Their mission: to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.
*If you have a body, you
an athlete.
NIKE, Inc. fosters a culture of invention. They create products, services and experiences for today's athlete while solving problems for the next generation. Nike has three strategic aims to guide their work: minimise their environmental footprint, transform manufacturing and unleash human potential.
Focusing on energy, chemistry, water and waste, Nike go deep into the supply chain to understand their impacts and identify strategies to use less, use better and use again. Nike are not only transforming what products they make, but also how they make them through new technology and sustainable labour innovation. They are delivering performance products with contract factories that invest in placing highly skilled, engaged and valued workers at the centre. Nike's mission is what drives them to encourage every person to reach their full potential, whether it's on the track, field or court, at work or at home. Nike strive to help people be active and engaged, fully participating in the world around them.
Breathable Mesh – Air can flow in and out for ventilation.
Moisture Wicking – Moisture is wicked away efficiently and effectively by the material.
Synthetic Coating – Provides protection to the fore and rearfoot.
Secure Lacing – Easy to secure for a comfortable fit.
Padded Tongue – Feels soft and comfortable, and a tongue loop will allow you to adjust.
Huarache-Inspired Strap – Allows for movement in any direction.
Foam Midsole – Cushioned in the middle for exceptional comfort.
Firm Outside – Improves the stability of the shoes.
Sole Wrap – The sole wraps around the sides of the feet for support when moving side to side.
Free Outsole – Enhanced flexibility to allow you to complete speed and agility drills.
Rubber Tread – Provides strong grip and traction on a wide range of different gym surfaces.
Wide Heel – Creates a stable base to hold you in place when lifting.
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Type:Cross Training
Shoe Width:D
Brand: Nike products


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