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Raidlight Responsiv XP Trail Running Shoes High-performance trail shoe that allows you to move fast and with confidence al…

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Raidlight Responsiv XP Trail Running Shoes
High-performance trail shoe that allows you to move fast and with confidence along the trail. This lightweight shoe allows you to run freely over the terrain, the RL XP lacing system wraps around the foot giving increased stability and hold.
Lightweight Supportive Upper
Designed to provide lightweight breathability, the Raidlight Responsiv XP Trail Running Shoes have been constructed using a robust upper. The lightweight and breathable nature of the upper allows cool air to flow throughout the garment whilst, at the same allowing hot humid air to escape. The increase in airflow reduces the risk of an intolerable heat build-up to ensure you remain cool, dry and comfortable at all times. RL XP technology has also been used on the upper to provide breathable support. Developed to wrap around the foot and maintain breathability RL XP is interwoven into the lacing system to keep the foot stable even during lateral movements. This technology ensures the foot is held in a stable position without apply pressure or restricting movement in the metatarsal heads and toe joints. As well as this, a reinforced toe cap works to protect your feet from rough ground and provides lightweight abrasion resistance. Within the heel, support has been built in to improve foothold and give extra stability whilst an anatomical shaped tongue ensures improved comfort over the midfoot. A gaiter attachment point has also been added on the top of the shoe so at any point you can add a gaiter. Completing the upper is a lacing system which locks down the midfoot to reduce in-shoe slippage so you can enjoy distraction-free strides.
Sensor 3 Midsole
Constrcuted using Raidlight's signature Sensor 3 technology, the Responsiv XP is designed to improve foot support and comfort. Sensor 3 is a technology that uses varied densities of thermoformed EVA to increases comfort, support and shock absorption. The Thermoformed EVA ensures long-lasting cushioning to keep you comfortable on long-distance days. The different densities work together to ensure shocks are absorbed instantly and effectively, preventing them from causing any damage to the sole of the foot. The energy produced from this will also be returned as a rebound, which will give you an added spring in your step. The sensor 3 midsole compound is all about ensuring increased shock absorption to ensure you can fo further for longer in complete comfort and with high energy so your performance will always be topped. With three points of support within the midsole, the Sensor 3 technology ensures your foot is supported and protected on any trail. A rock plate also features within the midsole to provide increased protection against pointy rocks and stones that you always seem to find on the trail. The plate ensures increase stability by supporting you underfoot and takes the sharpness out of the trail so you can go further for longer in complete comfort.
Sensor Outsole
Raidlight have designed the outsole of the Responsiv XP to provide a high level of grip and durability on the trails. The outsole is able to form a solid grip between the shoe and rocky terrain to keep you grounded at all times. The rubber is also extremely durable and abrasion-resistant, which means long-term control is guaranteed. Sensor technology in the outsole provides an incomparable running experience to meet all of your requirements; dynamic, fast, light and grippy. The outsole also features a 4mm tread pattern which allows you to dig deep into loose, muddy terrain to ensure multi-directional grip. This will also benefit you by acting as a solid base for you to push off from when taking a stride, as well as digging into the ground when braking and changing direction.
About Raidlight
In 1999, international level runner Benoit Laval established RaidLight, a brand for trail running and adventure racing, born from his passion for the mountains and running, combined with his expertise as a textile engineer (working as a sub contractor to many large sportswear brands). With design and manufacturing skills in one hand and knowledge and experience of the sport in the other, he had a desire to make his own prototypes. So, RaidLight began in a garage, with 10 products and 2 trestle tables at races.
'Raid' is a wink to the origins of trail running and adventure/expedition racing (this is a 'raid' in French). 'Light' is underlining the brands main area of innovation; designing and developing lightweight equipment for increased comfort of the participants. The logo is in the style of a compass, the 4 arrows in 4 directions are the cardinal points, symbolising the taste for adventure around the world.
Lightweight, Breathable Upper – Allows cool air to flow throughout the upper.
RL XP Technology – Keeps the foot stable even during lateral movements.
Reinforced Toe Cap – Protects your toes from loose rocks and debris.
Heel Support – Improves foothold.
Anatomical Shaped Tongue – Provides midfoot comfort.
Gaiter Attachment Point – Allows a gaiter to be attached at anytime.
Lacing System – Locks down the midfoot.
Sensor3 Midsole – Uses three different densities to ensure comfort, shock absorption and support.
Rock Plate – Provides protection against rocks and stones.
Sensor Outsole – Rubber outsole provides supreme grip and traction on the trails.
4mm Tread Pattern – Dig into the ground, anchoring you in place.
Heel Height – 19mm.
Forefoot Height – 15mm.
Drop – 4mm.
Weight – 280g.
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Terrain:Light Trail
Shoe Width:D
Brand: Raidlight products


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