Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 Gore-Tex Walking Shoes Black | Mens Hiking

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Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 GORE-TEX Walking Shoes A solid, but flexible men's alpine approach shoe built…

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Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 GORE-TEX Walking Shoes
A solid, but flexible men's alpine approach shoe built for all-day comfort and technical ability on hikes, via ferratas and treks in any terrain and all weathers – with a sure-grip Vibram sole and waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX protection.
Suede Leather Upper
Constructed using a suede leather upper, the Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 Walking Shoes offer a wider range of protection to help you gain the maximum from your footwear. The leather upper keeps the feet protected from debris and sharp objects as well as minimising the risks of wear and tear. To avoid damp feet, and therefore dampened spirits, a GORE-TEX membrane resides inside the shoe; supplying a combination of durable waterproofing and optimised breathability. Sometimes it's hard to stay dry without developing that distracting clammy feeling, but GORE-TEX keeps water on the outside while letting perspiration escape from the inside; keeping sweat to a minimum and you, cool and comfy. The shoe uses Salewa's 3F System to further improve the fit. This system will improve the flexibility of the upper, which also providing support and a blister-free fit, which will dramatically improve the experience of wearing the shoes, removing irritations and distractions that come with an uncomfortable fit. Specially designed climbing laces run all the way from the toes to the ankle and are able to secure a tight fit when ascending, whilst can be loosened for improved comfort when descending. Completing the upper is a stretch gaiter which keeps rain and groundwater out and works to provide a irritation-free fit. The improved lasted construction is 15% lighter and more flexible than the original and ensures a comfortable fit.
PU Midsole
The midsole has been designed using PU that ensures your ready to tackle the toughest of terrains with ease and comfort. The PU Technology in the midsole is ergonomically designed to cradle the foot, which will keep your feet feeling comfortable all day no matter no long your hike is. Sparing your joints as you strike down onto hard, unforgiving surfaces, the midsole ensures you can go further for longer. By inundating shocks, the midsole works to protect you when striking down and also disperses the shocks to propel you forward. PU also provides ample cushioning to ensure a comfortable hike, the midsole follows the natural contors of the foot provide a dynamic fit and feel. As well as this, an Ortholite insole completes the midsole by providing added under foot comfort. The ortholite footbed wicks moisture away efficiently and effectively, as well as providing a comfortable and soft surface for the sole of the foot.
Vibram Outsole
Using a Vibram outsole, this will give you unrivalled grip and traction on the mountainside to keep you feeling confident and in full control. The rubber used is able to form an extremely solid connection with a wide range of different surfaces, providing a stable and strong grip. As well as this, the rubber is abrasion resistant, which will stand up against abuse from rough and uneven terrain. This will mean that the definition and the functionality of the outsole will remain strong over a long period of time. Deep lugs are able to dig into the wet and muddy ground, which will anchor the feet in place and form a solid base for you to push off from. In addition to this, the design of the outsole will encourage the mud to escape out of the outsole, keeping the performance of the outsole high. A Ferrata zone on the outsole will improve grip with specific right-angled lugs that maximise force applied through the foot. They ensure better grip on the rungs of via ferrata ladders than a conventional flat midfoot section.
Salewa History
SALEWA was founded on the 8th July 1935 by Josef Liebhart in Munich. During WW2 the company produced various leather and textile products, first of all, rucksacks with tubular steel frames and ski poles of hazelwood. With the great demand for ski polesin the winter of 1952/53, Salewa made its breakthrough into the sports sector. In 1955, Salewa developed the unique Andes backpack and supported the Andes expedition of Hermann Huber, who was to become the managing director of Salewa. During the 1960s, the development and production of the fully adjustable Salewa classic light crampon set new standards and became one of their most successful products to date. Salewa gained international recognition as a leader in alpine innovation with its invention of the tubular ice screw, which today is an industry standard. In 1978, decisive steps towards expansion were taken and the product range was extended to include functional clothing. In 1979 Salewa presented all its products with the same logo for the first time: the Salewa eagle was created as that logo and thereafter stood as the symbol of incomparable quality.
Suede Leather – Robust material will improve the structure and keep the feet protected.
GORE-TEX Upper – Durable waterproof protection to the upper.
3F System – Improved flexibility and blister-free fit.
Climbing Laces – Specially designed laces secure the fit, allowing you to tailor for climbing and descending.
Stretch Gaiter – Increases comfort and prevents water ingress.
PU Midsole – Ergonomically designed midsole cradles the sole of the foot.
Ortholite Footbed – Wicks moisture away efficiently and effectively and provides a soft footbed.
Vibram Outsole – Supreme grip and traction provided by the Vibram Outsole.
Deep Lugs – Digs into wet ground for a secure and solid base.
Ferrata Zone – Improves grip, especially on the rungs of a ladder.
Heel Height – 30mm.
Forefoot Height – 19mm.
Drop – 11mm.
Weight – 493g.
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Terrain:Light Trail
Type:Walking Shoes
Shoe Width:D
Brand: Salewa products


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