Salomon S/Lab Sense 8 Sg Trail Running Shoes Black, Red | Mens Trail / Fell

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Salomon S/LAB Sense 8 SG Trail Running Shoes Developed with top athletes, the updated version of the iconic S/LAB SENSE features softer cushioning under the front of the foot…

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Salomon S/LAB Sense 8 SG Trail Running Shoes
Developed with top athletes, the updated version of the iconic S/LAB SENSE features softer cushioning under the front of the foot and a new anti-debris evacuation system. Offering the same ground feel, precision and foothold, the shoe is now even lighter with deeper lugs (than the Hard Ground version) to anchor you in soft, wet terrain.
Anti Debris Mesh
Designed to provide a smooth, glove-like fit and feel, the upper of the Salomon S/LAB Sense 8 SG Trail Running Shoes has been constructed using a anti-debris mesh. The upper ensures enhanced breathability whilst also preventing debris from being trapped between your foot and the footbed. Perforations within the fabric create a perfect microclimate for your feet to thrive in; the mesh allows cool air to flow into the garment whilst, at the same time allows hot humid air to escape so you can remain cool, dry and comfortable at all times. The mesh has also been treated with a water-repellent material which ensures your feet will be kept dry on damp days; the quick-drying mesh also ensures a quick turn around during heavier rainstorms. Furthermore, a knitted elasticated sock has been directly integrated into the upper to ensure protection from loose debris and rocks. The sock acts like a gaiter to ensure debris cannot enter inside the shoe, this ensures you can continue distraction-free. As well as this, a rigidified toe cap and arch add an extra layer of protection to reduce the risk of injury when running though rocky trails plus, a layer of extra cushioning under the front of the foot increases comfort. The upper also features opening which facilitates water evacuation, this is ideal for wetter days when you're likely to be running through puddles or streams. a Sensifit system cradles the foot providing a precise and secure fit; located on the top of the upper it provides a secure, snug and virtually customised fit all around the foot. Completing the upper is a Quick Lacing System which provides a minimalistic and strong lace for a one-pull tightening ensuring you get the shoes on and off with minimal effort. A lace pocket is useful as it allows the laces to be stowed away making sure the laces do not get caught or snagged on any sticks or bushes out on the trail, reducing distractions.
EnergyCell+ is a high-rebound midsole technology that delivers substantial cushioning and durability. This midsole compound provides superior cushioning, stability and motion control to provide an efficient, stable and responsive ride. Energycell+ works to provide exceptional energy return by absorbing shocks when the foot strikes the ground and using it to propel you forward in the next step, this works to improve your foot's natural gait. Whilst, superior cushioning is generous, soft and durable, it spares your joints as you strike down onto hard, unforgiving surfaces. The S/LAB Sense 8 delivers a 60% reduction in joint forced to deliver a great balance of cushioning resiliency and smooth ride.
Contagrip TA
The Salomon S/LAB Sense 8 SG Trail Running Shoes features a Contagrip TA outsole that provides unique traction technology. Built for maximum grip on loose, soft, or rugged uneven surfaces, Contagrip TA uses deep, sharp lugs made from a compound that balances durability and adhesion. Contagrip TA ensures confidence on wet, dry, hard or loose surfaces whilst still offering long-term durability so you can go further for longer with complete confidence in your footwear. As well as this, the outsole also features multidirectional lugs which dig deep into the ground when braking or changing direction. The deep lugs are able to anchor the foot into wet and muddy ground, securing you into place whilst also forming a solid base to push off from. Lastly, a Propfeel Film exists to protect your feet from sharp object and loose rocks on the trail.
About Salomon
In a society where stress and speed have taken over, people take less and less time to play and connect with nature. Play is the very essence of Salomon values, and they aim to create the next generation of sports gear and experiences that make people live the joy of progression in sport. Founded in 1947, Salomon sees the outdoors as a place to share and enjoy with others and aims to nurture solidarity and teamwork in every community they interact with. Creating a wide range of products for sports such as skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, running and hiking, the brand constantly invents and progresses products, candidly playing with the rules to bring technologies forward. Curious, playful, dedicated and passionate, Salomon remains thirsty for life and all the possibilities it holds.
Single Layer Mesh – Provides a smooth, glove-like fit and feel.
Anti-Debris – Prevents debris from being trapped between your foot and the footbed.
Perforations – Increases ventilation to keep you cool.
Water-Resistant Material – Sheds light rain and snow.
Knitted Elastic Sock – Prevent water and debris ingress.
Rigidified Toe Cap – Protects the toes from rocks.
Water Openings – Allows water to be extracted.
Sensifit System – Works to cradle the foot by providing a precise and secure fit.
Quick Lacing System – Provides a one-pull tightening system.
Lace Pocket – Allows the laces to be stowed away reducing the risk of snagging.
EnergyCell+ – Provides exceptional energy return while also delivering substantial cushioning and durability.
Contagrip TA Outsole – Provides unique traction technology.
Deep Lugs – Separated lugs to help facilitate responsiveness and enhanced grip.
Profeel Film – Protects the feet from sharp object.
Heel Height – 22mm
Forefoot Height – 18mm.
Drop Height – 4mm.
Weight Height – 205g.
Additional Information
Features:Water Resistant
Product Type:Shoes
Terrain:Severe Trail / Fell
Brand: Salomon products


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