Scott Kinabalu Ultra Rc Trail Running Shoes Black, Green | Mens Trail / Fell

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Scott Kinabalu Ultra RC Trail Running Shoes Cover trails faster than ever before with the Scott Kinabalu Ultra RC Trail Running Shoes. The streamlined tr…

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Scott Kinabalu Ultra RC Trail Running Shoes
Cover trails faster than ever before with the Scott Kinabalu Ultra RC Trail Running Shoes. The streamlined traction design will deliver straight power, ensuring that you stay efficient to power you on to new PB's.
Breathable Mesh Upper
Surrounding the upper of the Kinabalu Ultra RC is a breathable mesh upper, which will provide you with supreme breathability. As you begin to exercise, the feet will start to warm up and sweat and the material will allow the hot air and moisture that is starting to build up to escape. This will then be replaced by cooler air, and this process will keep you feeling cool and ventilated over the course of your run. From protection from bumps and knocks that can easily occur on uneven and unpredictable trails, the shoes have firm protection covering the sides, forefoot and rearfoot. This will make sure impacts are absorbed, preventing them from reaching the feet and causing any damage. Constructed with a no-sew design, this will reduce the risk of irritation from causing as there are no seams or stitches that will cause irritation by rubbing and chafing. A traditional lacing system will allow you to find a fit that is both comfortable and secure, which will leave you feeling in complete control. A race-specific tongue will sit comfortably on the ankle and allow you to make unrestricted movements. An RC insole provides soft comfort directly in contact with the sole of the feet, and over time it will fit specifically to your feet.
Engineered EVA Midsole
Within the midsole, Scott have used engineered EVA to provide a highly technical and responsive ride. Towards the top of it, the EVA is soft and will provide soft cushioning. This will also mean that every step taken will have less stress placed on the joints and bones in the feet, reducing fatigue and the risk of injuries. The midsole will also absorb bumps and shocks from uneven terrain, which will stop sharp pressure from reaching the foot. This will keep you in comfort over a long period of time, and it will also give you confidence to tackle any terrain. Cushioning is further enhanced by Scott's developed Kinetic Foam react to the ground you are on. The midsole also uses Scott's eRIDE technology. This unique midsole shape will promote a faster and more streamlined running style, enhancing every individual gait cycle. Promoting a more dynamic running position, the heel strike is reduced which will waste less energy.
Traction Rubber Outsole
Keeping you in complete control no matter what the conditions are, the outsole uses specifically designed rubber that will keep you in firm control. Forming a solid connection with the trail, the rubber will anchor your feet in place, acting as a firm base to push off from. Designed to be extremely durable, the rubber is abrasion resistant, preventing damage from occurring and affecting the functionality of it. The outsole uses Hybrid Traction, an innovative technology developed by Scott to provide you with a more efficient gait cycle to power you on to faster times. This will encourage you to run in a straighter line, and therefore will provide you with more responsive energy to push you on. Deep multi-directional lugs will dig into the ground which will further anchor and hold your feet in place, providing you with stability and control when taking off, braking and changing direction.
Product Review by Trail Athlete Ben Mounsey
There's no denying it, the Scott Kinabalu Ultra RC are a beautiful looking shoe. And what immediately caught my attention was the detailed, lightweight design and quality feel – a trail shoe perfectly suited to fast activity on hard-packed trails. It's worth pointing out that although this shoe has ample grip to cope with a variety of terrain, it is not suited to soft and muddy conditions, and has been specifically built with light trails in mind. In terms of terrain, a good example of a race in the UK for which they would be best suited, would be the Snowdon International, where grip is not the most significant factor – but travelling light and fast over hard terrain is more important. This shoe would be ideal for the long and rocky descent, as it's cushioned, highly responsive and provides a serious amount of energy return – providing some welcome salvation for very tired legs.
If you've previously worn Scott shoes before then you will not be disappointed with the Kinabalu Ultra RC. This shoe provides outstanding levels of comfort and support thanks to the kinetic foam midsole and the upper construction. The latter has a super-breathable mesh and is made from very durable and lightweight materials. The tongue is just the right size and shape to cradle and support your feet, complete with a padded pillow at the front to protect and cushion the top of your foot exactly where the laces are tied. Around the heel, the material is thicker, padded and really helps to lock your feet in place, ensuring high-levels of support and stability, extremely noticeable when twisting and turning across rocky and uneven surfaces. This lightweight design allows for flexibility and manoeuvrability for running at high speeds on technical terrain. So, if you're looking for a racing shoe built for tough varied trails, that then look no further than the Scott Kinabalu Ultra RC – it's the shoe that screams Go Faster!
In terms of sizing, a UK 10 fit me perfectly and I would say the width is between a precision and standard fit.
About Scott
Sixty years ago, Scott changed the ski pole. This would be the catalyst for decades of innovation, technology and design to follow. For Sixty years Scott have taken a no shortcuts approach to product development, racing, climbing, descending and everything in between. For Sixty years, Scott have put nothing but passion behind every stride, pedal stroke and carve. With every year that passes, Scott are continuing to develop their groundbreaking products, helping to evolve sports equipment and clothing for generations to come.
"No shortcuts" defines the Scott spirit of doing things the right way, for the right reasons. It's how Scott see product design and it embodies the true beauty of sport – the greatest personal achievements aren't accidents, they are hard-earned and well deserved.
Breathable Mesh Upper – Air can flow in and out for breathability.
Firm Protection – Firmer material protects the feet from any bumps of knocks.
No-Sew Construction – Reduces the risk of irritation caused by rubbing and chafing.
Traditional Lacing – Firm and comfortable fit guaranteed.
Race Specific Tongue – Flat lying tongue will allow you to make a wide range of unrestricted movements.
RC Insole – Soft and personalised comfort.
Cushioned EVA – Reduces stress and strain placed on bones.
Shock Absorbing – All shocks are instantly absorbed by the EVA, preventing injuries from occurring.
Kinetic Foam – Technical feature that will improve cushioning.
eRIDE – Midsole shape that promotes a more dynamic running position.
Strong Grip – Rubber will provide a solid grip to a wide range of different surfaces.
Durable – The rubber is abrasion resistant, which will retain its shape and functionality.
Multi-Directional Lugs – Digs into the ground for firm control.
Heel Stack Height – 21.5mm
Heel to Toe Drop – 3mm
Weight – 255g
Additional Information
Product Type:Shoes
Terrain:Light Trail
Shoe Width:D
Brand: Scott products


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