Scott Supertrac Ultra Rc Trail Running Shoes Black/ Forest Green | Mens Trail / Fell

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Scott Supertrac Ultra RC Trail Running Shoes Designed to keep you in firm control over a long period of time, the Scott Sup…

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Scott Supertrac Ultra RC Trail Running Shoes
Designed to keep you in firm control over a long period of time, the Scott Supertrac Ultra RC Trail Running Shoes uses multiple technologies to help you achieve more in style and comfort.
Dynamic Schoeller Upper
Surrounding the upper of the shoe, Scott have used the Swiss-made Schoeller Dynamic fabric. This premium fabric will provide multiple benefits to the shoe. The material is extremely breathable, which means that as you start to exercise and warm air starts to build up inside the shoe, it is removed and then replaced, which will keep you feeling cool and fresh. Preventing damage from occurring, the fabric is also extremely tough, which increases the overall durability and strength of the shoe. When exposed to water, the material naturally repels it away, which will keep you feeling fresh and dry. Being slightly elasticated, this will allow you to make a wider range of movements whilst not causing any damage, and the shape of the shoe will be retained. Thicker material covers the toes, which will prevent any injuries from bumps and knocks to the forefoot. The heel and rearfoot are held upright and secured in a strong position, which will also stop injuries from occurring. All the way up the foot laces and a flat-lying tongue will allow you to find a comfortable and secure fit every time. Carrying dirty shoes around is clean and easy with the heel loop.
eRide Midsole
The eRide midsole, an innovative midsole developed by Scott will not only provide a good level of cushioning and protection from underfoot, but it will also promote a faster and more efficient running style, helping you to save energy and go further. Towards the bottom, the EVA in the midsole is able to absorb sudden and heavy shocks as it is densely packed. The characteristics of it change the higher up the midsole you go and towards the top the EVA less dense. This will mean that it will feel extremely gentle and soft underfoot. The eRide midsole will also promote a more dynamic running position by reducing the impact on heel strikes. This means that more energy will be able to go into strides rather than wasted on heavy impacts with the ground. In addition, the energy created by heavy contacts with the ground will then be transferred into rebound which will improve running fluidity.
All Terrain Traction Outsole
The All Terrain Outsole has a configuration that will help you stay in control of every step for longer. The rubber used is extremely durable, which means that it will be able to retain all of its properties over a long course of time. The lugs are strategically positioned to give you outstanding traction and control. As beneficial on dry ground as it is in deep mud, the lugs are able to dig into the ground, assisting with takeoffs by securing your foot and providing a firm base to take off from. It will also dig into to ground as you start to brake, giving you full control at all times. In addition, there are strategically orientated chevrons placed all around the forefoot, which will provide extra stability and support over long hours and long distances of running.
About Scott
60 years ago, Scott changed the ski pole. This would be the catalyst for decades of innovation, technology and design to follow. For 60 years Scott have taken a no shortcuts approach to product development, racing, climbing, descending and everything in between. For 60 years, Scott have put nothing but passion behind every stride, pedal stroke and carve. With every year that passes, Scott are continuing to develop their groundbreaking products, helping to evolve sports equipment and clothing for generations to come.
Schoeller Dynamic Fabric – Premium fabric surrounds the upper of the shoe.
Breathable – Constant airflow in and out of the shoe for breathability.
Durable Material – Protects itself from damage it receives on tough terrain.
Elasticated – Wide range of movement is allowed without damage being caused.
Water Repellent – When exposed to moisture, the shoes will repel it away.
Toe Protection – Thicker material covers the toes for protection.
Heel Walls – Thick walls protect the heel and rearfoot from injuries.
Secure Lacing – Up the foot laces and a flat lying tongue ensure a comfortable fit.
Heel Loop – Easy to carry dirty shoes around.
Shock Absorbing – Shocks from underfoot are prevented from reaching the sole of the foot.
Cushioned – The midsole will cushion the foot for comfort.
eRide Midsole – Innovative midsole retains energy and provides a smoother ride.
Energy Return – Energy from heel strikes are returned as rebound for a more efficient gait.
Durable Rubber – The rubber will maintain its shape and properties over a long period of time.
Deep Lugs – Anchors the shoe in place on a wide range of terrain.
Strategically Positioned Chevrons – Provides extra stability and support over a long period of time.
Heel – 29mm
Forefoot – 21mm.
Drop – 8mm.
Weight – 340g.
Additional Information
Features:Water Resistant
Product Type:Shoes
Terrain:Light Trail
Shoe Width:D
Brand: Scott products


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