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Silva Trail Speed 5XT Headlamp Trail Speed 5XT is an extremely lightweight, compact and very powerful headlamp, combined with a powerful and rechargeable 7.0 Ah battery for extensive training sessions and a…

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Silva Trail Speed 5XT Headlamp
Trail Speed 5XT is an extremely lightweight, compact and very powerful headlamp, combined with a powerful and rechargeable 7.0 Ah battery for extensive training sessions and adventures.
The Trail Speed 5XT is the perfect headlamp for biking, ski touring or longer training session in demanding terrain, one of the reasons being the impressive seven accessories, making the headlamp modular in combination with its powerful battery. These seven accessories allow you to shift the headlamp from headband to helmet, to handlebar. The garment allows you to optimise the weight in accordance with your specific needs, for instance; you can use the new, improved battery holder that keeps the battery in place which will also improve your comfort when carrying it on your head. Not only this, but the battery holder can be detached and replaced by the back cable guide if you would like to optimise the weight and have the option to carry it in your pocket, or backpack. The wide anti-slip headband and battery holder ensures it's comfortable when you're wearing it, even during long and rough activities. The detachable top band also provides extra support when needed, and the headband is designed to fit on a helmet by detaching the backplate. A bar mount attachment is also included if you prefer to place the light on a bike handlebar and use it as a bike light. The attachments and headlamp have the ability to withstand all types of weather and terrain, further enhancing the multiple activities you can use it for.
The impressive 7.0 Ah rechargeable battery included allows you to endure long training sessions or activities with a burn time of 40 hours on minimum mode, 16 hours on medium mode and 10 hours on maximum mode. The battery indicator that accompanies it will allow you to keep track of the charge level before, during and after your activity. Alongside this, is a built-in low battery warning and reserve mode, which automatically adjusts the light to a setting that ensures you can get home safely with 30 minutes of guaranteed light. The super-low mode feature in the headlamp enables extensive training sessions or races by minimising battery consumption when you don't need to use maximum light. Featuring Silva Intelligent Light, the headlamp has the ability to provide a combination of a long-reach spotlight and a close floodlight. This customisation of light results in less head movement and a clear view of near, as well as, far obstacles, and give you the balance and confidence it takes to move fast and perform better. As well, there are Silva Flow Light technologies, which also take light optimisation even further, and provide a seamless tuning of light pattern, by simply tilting the headlamp.
About Silva
IN 1933, A MERE 14 YEARS AFTER MODERN ORIENTEERING became a competitive sport, three entrepreneurial Swedish orienteering champions invented the liquid-filled compass. Their solution was more precise and easier to use than other compasses at the time. The SILVA brand was born.
Silva also set the scene for innovation in diverse outdoor sports areas by launching their first headlamp already in 1935. Although the company has changed since then, Silva compasses remain the preferred choice for orienteers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.
Seven Different Accessories – Making it modular and flexible with use.
Battery Holder – For improving comfort and allowing you to move wherever preferred.
Cable Guide – To allow you to stare the battery in your pocket.
Anti-Slip Headband – To hold the garment comfortably on your head.
Detachable Top Band – For extra support when necessary.
Helmet Compatible – Perfect for climbing or cycling etc…
Bar Mount Attachment – To fit the light on bike handlebars.
Weather Resistant – Perfect for any type of activity.
7.0 Ah Recharcheable Battery – With a burn time of between 10 and 40 hours.
Low Battery Reserve Mode – Add an extra 30 minutes of light to get you home.
Super-Low Mode – Minimises battery consumption.
SIlva Intelligent Light – Provides a long-reach spotlight and a close floodlight.
Silva Flow Light – Optimisation of light, and provides a seamless tuning of light by tilting.
Additional Information
Features:Water Resistant
Product Type:Head Wear
Product Type:Hi Viz And Night Running
Brand: Silva products


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