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Thorlo 84N Runner Micro Mini SockA treat for your feet on longer distance days. Specifically engineered to provide maximum foot protection and co…

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Thorlo 84N Runner Micro Mini SockA treat for your feet on longer distance days. Specifically engineered to provide maximum foot protection and comfort for men prone to blisters, foot pain and discomfort.
Designed for the runner in pain. Envelop tired feet in Thorlo's fabric blend of softness, resilience and durability. The unique padding, specifically designed for running, has been clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain and pressures. Moisture is wicked to keep you damp-free and comfortable, and the contoured, ventilated sock frame means less weight for you to run with and a better, healthier environment for your feet to thrive in. Extra cushioning over the toes helps to protect against the repetitive trauma that can lead to 'runner's toe', and a low profile toe seam features for an irritation-free fit; because we know how rubbing and blisters can ruin your day. Lycra in the arch and instep supports each move and promotes natural foot flexion with a no-slip fit. Keep dedicated feet happy, in Thorlo.
Caretakers of the World's Feet
Established in the early 1980's, Thorlo strives to help prevent foot conditions through the use of providing specifically engineered socks for all your sporting needs. A family run business, Thorlo's passion and purpose is to be the caretakers of the worlds feet. Millions of people's feet are hurting, but no two feet are ever the same. Therefore, Thorlo create footwear solutions that are perfect for your individual situation.What differentiates Thorlos from all other socks on the market today is their clinically-tested padding. It is their core technology and key to the protection and comfort you experience when wearing Thorlos clinically-tested padded socks. The padding density varies, depending on the part of the foot that needs protecting. Where the shear and impact forces are extreme-usually in the ball and heel-the padding will be more dense to buffer against those forces, reducing the causes of foot aches and pain. Clinically tested, Thorlo offers many different products for various different sports such as running, tennis, basketball and skiing, and aims to be the best in the world at providing great value foot protection.
THORLON blended with LYCRA and freshFX – For cooler, drier feet.
Contoured, ventilated sock frame – For less weight, moisture control and an aerodynamic fit.
Extra cushioning over the toes – Protects against runner's toe.
Low profile toe seam – Reduced risk of irritation.
Lycra in the arch and instep – For support and a no-slip fit.
Length – Low cut.
Cushion – Thick cushion.
Fibre contents – 76% Exclusive THOR-LON Acrylic , 4% Spandex , 18% Nylon , 2% Polyester.
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Type:Anklet Sock
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